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A TRIP OVER TO's Resident Evil 5 forum proved to be quite interesting. For instance, there's a forum user (lukepowers_16) who's keeping up with the RE5 "Retribution" news (both there and @ that states the following information about the fifthquel has been confirmed:

#Shawn Roberts has already signed on to return as Wesker in future sequels
#Leon S. Kennedy will make an appearance (it's been confirmed by Paul W.S. Anderson during a Comic-Con interview last year but they always make some last-minute changes with the script. Leon was initially going to appear in 'Afterlife' but it forced Paul to remove Leon as he realised that there was no room for him to be included into the story.)
#Ada Wong will also make an appearance as Wesker's assistant and spy
#'Resident Evil 5' will open up with an epic battle between the survivors and Umbrella soldiers led by Jill Valentine on the Arcadia ship
#Jill's disappearance will be explored in 'Resident Evil 5' where it'll be revealed (via a flashback) that she got kidnapped by Umbrella soliders ordered by Wesker
#RE5 will be called 'Resident Evil: Evolution'
#Don Carmody has confirmed that a "Resident Evil 6" is being planned [source + source]

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Managed to catch Resident Evil: Afterlife in 3D (or 2D)? Discuss the film here!
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Milla Jovovich is reprising her role as Alice in Afterlife, the fourth movie in the Resident Evil series. She and new cast addition Ali Larter made an appearance at Comic-Con 2010 to promote their new flick, which hits theaters Sept. 10.

Milla donned a skimpy striped frock for the panel discussion. With photographers taking pictures from below the stage, the barely there mini threatended to expose her lady bits with every movement. Only a strategically draped strip of fabric saved Milla from an upskirt shot.

Milla has a model's bod and always looks hot, but this frock could have put her in a precarious position. Which begs the question, was her frock perfectly sexy or a tad too short? Cast your vote!

[Poll #1598127]

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Tali'Zorah nar Rayya - Milla Jovovich

Tali is the most enigmatic member of the Mass Effect party. She comes from a flotilla of ships, the home planet of her race long-since destroyed. Her knowledge of ship mechanics is remarkable, her emotions difficult to read, and her abilities in combat are formidable. Milla Jovovich burst onto the scene with a similarly awkward character in The Fifth Element. She's continued to prove herself as a leading action lady in the Resident Evil films. Seems like a shame to cover that face up, but I think Milla can handle it.

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As of late, Linda Evangelista has been showing up in alot of Cosmetic Comercials (I forget which one(s) it is, but I don't think its been for L'Oreal) and at first glance I'm totally fooled into thinking I'm looking at Milla Jovovich, but a closer look at Miss Evangelista and you can she doesn't resemble the Milla that much outside of the shape of her face (kinda) and her somewhat equally stunning pair of eyes (it might've been the lighting for the comercial). Does anyone have the same reaction toward this model?

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how lovely the blurry sort of airbrushed look everyone had in 'Ultraviolet'.

i think i loved Milla best with lilac hair.
even tho she kept it black for most of the film.

i enjoyed the film.
i'm not sure i was in the best mood to watch it, but the production and costume design was AMAZING, definite eye candy [[not taking away from Milla, of course]]
did anyone else see it?
any thoughts? criticisms?

the website is fun too, if you haven't visited it yet.
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did you guys see the clip of Milla/Gentlemen Who Fell video on the VH1 commercial for one of their new reality shows? it's a show about people wanting to be pop stars i guess, and so they showed clips of people who tried and failed, like Jennifer Love Hewitt. only Milla did not fail, so they're all cocksuckers.

okay that's all.

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