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Milla Jovovich first stepped into the boots of the zombie-fighting heroine Alice a decade ago, not knowing that the “Resident Evil” role would help cement her place among the queens of sci-fi. It’s a character she’s been happy to inhabit and develop, working closely with her now-husband Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote all five films in the franchise and directed three of them, including “Resident Evil: Retribution,” which opened last weekend.

Lucky for both of them, Jovovich isn’t ready to break up with Alice.

“Every time we see Alice, it’s like some different iteration of the same person,” the 36-year-old actress said. “I think there’s definitely been an evolution. It’s not like we’re repeating the same stuff over and over and regurgitating things over and over, so it keeps it fresh and keeps it interesting. I think that’s what kind of makes these movies stand apart, in that sense where people do keep coming back to see them.”

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These two long-running horror franchises are more similar than you might think. Read why and then pick your favorite.

2012 will be host to a number of franchise sequels and spinoffs. But aside from big budget epics like The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Expendables 2, and so forth, there are also sequels to two modestly successful horror franchises on tap.

Next week, Underworld: Awakening marks the fourth entry in the Underworld franchise, while later this year sees the release of Resident Evil: Retribution 3D, the fifth installment in the video game movie franchise. Neither franchise is particularly well-loved by critics, but that doesn't stop fans from turning out each time.

As it turns out, the Underworld and RE movies have a number of similarities in terms of storylines, directorial style, and marketing. In this feature we examine those similarities, what makes these movies so consistently successful and then ask you to vote on your favorite.

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10.17.11 - Milla won Best Science Fiction Actress at the 2011 Scream Awards! The awards show airs tomorrow night at 9pm.

Tweets from Milla (@MillaJovovich) from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution:
  • Hey guys! Well, burnt out cars, crashed helicopters, just another day at "camp evil"! Watch this vid! Video (Oct 14)
  • U gotta luv my husband, an a.d. Came up 2 him n said that we had 2 wait 4 the "blood puddles" 2 come in, paul says "the blood puddles come in when I say they can come in." such a cool conversation 2 eavesdrop on! Lol! (Oct 15)
  • So I'm abt 2 get in the harness now 2 do my wire gags! I'm doing a flash kick 1st, I posted a vid of it a few weeks ago, then a "Valdez" backflip! Shld b fun! Hahahaha! So excited!
  • OH SHIIIIITTTT!!!! THAT WAS EFFING SIIICK!!! man, i don't care how much wire work I do, i still get butterflies in my belly right b4!!! But man I shot that sucka straight in the head! Slam mothereffin dunk, wuz up ppl?!!! Representin fo da ladies!!! Ah hahahahahaha!!!!
  • Hey every1! I see there r a lot of new ppl on my twitter page n I'd like 2 say hi! n welcome aboard! Thanks so much 4 all your amazing comments! It's so grt 3 hear how much ppl r luvin "3 musketeers" n the endless support 4 RE5! thanks so much guys! (Oct 17)

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Milla Jovovich, star of the Resident Evil series of films, is now the star of an exquisite Resident Evil action figure, with Hong Kong company Hot Toys recreating her in this 28cm piece.

Available later this year, and typical of Hot Toys' style, it comes with a ton of accessories, like extra outfits, extra hands, extra weapons and even two hair styles to choose from. Sadly, as is also Hot Toys' style, the likeness is a little off, though the amount of detail on hand (and the fact the face was sculpted by hand, and not a computer) more than make up for it. [SOURCE]

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PRICE: $279.95
Edition Size: 750 pieces worldwide
Dimensions: 19" Tall approx.
Estimated Ship Date: 3rd Quarter 2011

From the blockbuster movie Resident Evil Afterlife we are delighted to present this incredible statue of Alice as portrayed in the movie by Milla Jovovich.

Featuring for the first time ever an officially licensed and approved likeness of Milla Jovovich in her signature role as Alice - guns drawn ready to take on all the Umbrella Corporation bad guys!
This intricately detailed 1:4 scale statue stands approx 19" tall and is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail. It comes complete with a movie themed display base.

There is no HCG Exclusive version of this piece. However if you like low serial #'s, we are reserving # 1 to # 100 for retail customers only. So the first 100 retail orders will receive the desirable low edition numbers! Limited to just 750 pieces worldwide! [SOURCE]

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Milla Jovovich is among the many nominee hopefuls in this years 2011 MTV Movie Awards(yeah, I don't watch them either). Show Alice and Resident Evil: Afterlife support by voting for her in the following categories:

Be sure to check back MAY 3d, 2011 to see if your efforts got Milla into the final roster of nominees for the show.

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"Jean-Luc Godard once said, 'All you need to make a great movie is a girl and a gun.' And that's definitely my approach to filmmaking."
-- Paul W.S. Anderson

Welcome to part two of Cinematical's interview with Paul W. S. Anderson (here's part one)! After 'Shopping' got the attention of Hollywood industry types, Anderson kicked off his mainstream career with 'Mortal Kombat.' From there, his path led him towards bigger and even more sci-fi/action-infused flicks like 'Event Horizon' and, of course, the 'Resident Evil' movies based on the Capcom video games. Here he discusses the evolution of the franchise, 3D versus 2D and his upcoming 3D action period piece, 'The Three Musketeers.'

The 'Resident Evil' movies are interesting because the first one started out as a more straight horror movie like the video games, but the other ones have a different feeling to them. What made you decide to take it in a more science fiction direction?
There have always been a lot of science fiction elements in the original source material, in the Resident Evil games themselves. Even though the first game is set in a decaying gothic mansion, you discover beneath the gothic mansion is this high-tech research laboratory where something terrible has gone wrong, so it was a kind of mix of the science fiction and the gothic elements that really interested me in 'Resident Evil.' Then the games again, they have a lot of kind of high-tech weaponry in them, they have a lot of bio-engineering in them; that's all part of the, these science-fiction ideas are all part of the DNA of the video game so we were kind of staying true to the game in one regard. The reason why the movies changed and continue to change is that I personally believe that if a franchise is to survive and to grow, you can't just deliver the same movie over and over again.

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After building a rep backing genre fare like "Resident Evil: Afterlife," the studio is ready to make the leap in upcoming projects "God of Carnage" from Roman Polanski and "The Three Musketeers."

Martin Moszkowicz, head of film and television at German mini-major Constantin Film, has the laugh, and the figure, of someone who enjoys life. His disheveled office in downtown Munich — DVD stacks threatening to topple, a shelf of reference books, posters of key art leaning precariously — speaks of the voracious and variegated appetite of a producer whose projects range from the zombie mutants of Resident Evil: Afterlife to the swashbuckling of The Three Musketeers to the small-set drama of Roman Polanski’s God of Carnage.

Moszkowicz was born to make movies. His Jewish father, Imo Moszkowicz, survived Auschwitz and went on to become an acclaimed director in postwar Germany. His sister, Daniela Dadieu, is an actress based in Vienna. His wife is famed German director Doris Dorrie. As a producer, at his own M P Film shingle in the 1980s and at Constantin since 1991, Moszkowicz has worked on about 80 features. Constantin’s stable of directors and producers are a who’s who of the German film scene: from the late Bernd Eichinger (Downfall, Perfume — The Story of a Murderer) to comedy king Michael “Bully” Herbig.

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Apparently, Six Months ago, the facebook, Ultimate Resident Evil (I'm going to guess this is the facebook for the French site, uploaded several more new stills from Afterlife --- the majority of them being BTS stills. All the pictures of a poor quality, but check them out below and behind the cut.


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