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Great news! According to Box Office Mojo and We Are Movie Geeks, Abe Sylvia’s Dirty Girl has been scheduled for an August 5, 2011 U.S. release by the Weinstein Co. Although neither website specifies what kind of a release this is, we guess it’s likely a limited theatrical one.

In related news, the Salt. website has an interesting article explaining why Dirty Girl was pulled from last February’s Berlin International Film Festival:

Dirty Girl has been withdrawn from the Berlinale’s Panorama section, because the new version of the film has not been finished in time to screen.

The film premiered in Toronto and was acquired for English-speaking territories and France by the Weinstein Company, which has been working with director Abe Sylvia to revamp the film to broaden its appeal to a wider audience. Now the Weinstein Company has other plans for the launch of the new version.

The decision has been a mutual one between the filmmakers, sales company Salt and the Weinsteins, and that team has praised the Berlinale — specifically Panorama head Weiland Speck — for their understanding in the matter.

Dirty Girl stars Juno Temple, William H. Macy, Jeremy Dozier, Mary Steenbergen and of course, Milla Jovovich.

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Guys, it would appear that Abe Sylvia’s Dirty Girl will not be screening at this year’s Berlinale festival after all.

As some of you will surely recall, about a month ago the Berlin International Film Festival announced its Panorama 2011 lineup, which included Sylvia’s Dirty Girl, in which Milla Jovovich appears opposite Juno Temple and William H. Macy. Since then, however, the original press release appears to have been updated as the film is no longer listed among the screening titles, nor does the film have a page in the newly released festival programme. For whatever reason the film appears to have been pulled. [SOURCE]
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01.11.11 - Updates from Milla via Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • Hey every1! Long time no tweet! I hope u all had a rockin new year! It was amazing seeing so many family members come and njoy xmas w us!
  • Now I've been looking 4 schools 4 my little girl, doing interviews, trying 2 find the perfect fit 4 her. The whole process is so crazy!
  • I also recorded an amazing song 4 my new film "bringing up bobby", its a ukrainian version of "proud mary" if u can blieve that! Lol!
  • Too funny, like an eastern european tina turner! Lol! I'll post it when evr they give me the ok! I lost my voice 4 2 days afterwards!
  • Now I'm doing ADR for my film "faces in the crowd". Its pretty boring doing voice over stuff, so I've been stuck in a dark room 4 2days
  • but now the year has begun and I have 2 get back 2 work, no matter how fun it is 2 do art projects and watch "dora" over and over w my girl!
  • Oh and BTW, I saw a rough cut of "3 musketeers" and its SIIIIIICK!!!! No cgi, no effects, temp score, but the movie looks INCREDIBLE!!!
  • Sorry guys, gotta go back in my dark room and finish the voicing 4 the film! Hope u're all having a grt year so far!!!
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Finally, some Dirty Girl news! According to this press release from the Berlinale festival, Abe Sylvia’s Dirty Girl, starring Juno Temple, William H. Macy and Milla Jovovich, will be presented in the “Panorama” section at the upcoming 61st Annual Berlinale film festival in Berlin, Germany. The screening will mark the film’s European premiere.

More via the press release:

61st Berlinale: World Cinema in the Panorama

After visiting Asia, North and South America as well as many European countries to view and select films, 24 works – that is just under half of the 50 films to be presented in the Panorama section – are now certain. They provide lively insight into the creations of world cinema during the so-called post-crisis era. What’s more, they reveal that documentary film continues to be strong in 2011: documentaries again make up about a third of the programme. [...] All the films in the Panorama are screening as either world or European premieres.

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In a press release, the Weinstein Co. announced they have picked up Dirty Girl. The film — which stars William H. Macy, Milla Jovovich, Tim McGraw, and newcomer Juno Temple — follows a high school outcast (Temple), who embarks on a road trip with an innocent classmate after her antics send her straight into a remedial class.

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More movie premiere news: The official website for the Toronto International Film Festival has at last confirmed the world premiere for Abe Sylvia’s Dirty Girl, starring Milla Jovovich opposite Juno Temple, William H. Macy, Dwight Yoakam and Jeremy Dozier. In addition to Dirty Girl, Milla also has a second film premiering at this year’s TIFF, namely the anticipated John Curran crime drama, Stone.

The debut screening dates:
• September 10: Stone, 9 PM at the VISA Screening Room – movie page
• September 12: Dirty Girl, 6:30 PM at Varsity 8 – movie page

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Yesterday, we reported of John Curran’s crime drama Stone being set to premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival in September. Well, according to Milla Jovovich herself via her verified Twitter account @MillaJovovich, the same goes for Abe Sylvia’s Dirty Girl! From the source:

Jst found out that both of my new films, “STONE” and “DIRTY GIRL” will premiere at the toronto film festival! SO COOL! I’m so happy abt it!

Dirty Girl being part of the TIFF schedule has yet to be officially announced, however this news coming straight from Milla is likely to be confirmed later. Hopefully, this also means Milla will be appearing at this year’s TIFF! Keep your fingers crossed for new pics.

In less exciting movie news, don’t expect to see too many (authorized) pictures of Milla on the Oklahoma City set of Bringing Up Bobby, as Milla says she’s not allowed to post pictures from the production. Bummer.


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