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With her new movie "Resident Evil: Retribution" set to hit theaters on September 14th, Milla Jovovich pitched in on promotions by covering the October 2012 issue of Flare magazine.

The 36-year-old Ukrainian born beauty sizzled in a Calvin Klein Collection dress, Fallon earrings, a CBD bangle and a Baccarat ring for the Max Abadian shot front page while dishing about everything from bullies and acting to her mother, husband and daughter.

Highlights from Miss Jovovich's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Flare!

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Behind the scenes photos by Carmen Hawk of Milla filming the video for "Electric Sky"

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For my mom, education was the most important thing. She said, 'You know, the modeling stuff is all well and good and a pretty face will get you through the door, but what are you going to do when you get there? What's gonna happen when you open your mouth?' Also, when you work with these photographers, when you go into a career like modeling, you can't just go in empty-handed or empty-headed. There has to be something behind your eyes or else you're just going to be fly-by-night. It was always about reading literature, looking at art books, looking at framing...Who is this photographer? Where did they come from? What kind of lighting did they use?

Definitely, my beauty routine has always been to start from the inside out. You have to take care of yourself, what you eat, what you drink, you know? Then, of course, there's the normal routine of washing your face, moisturizing, and if you have the luxury of getting facials and massages, that's perfect, too. But I don't really, because I'm constantly working and traveling and I can't afford to go to a facialist and be all sore and red for a few days. So I just use a lot of exfoliators to keep my skin fresh. I'm very picky about what I put on my face. At the same time, I feel like you have to always use different things, because once your skin gets too used to something it sort of deadens the effect of it, so I try to cycle between lots of products. [READ MORE]
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You don't need to be on the red carpet to cause a sensation in Cannes. Milla Jovovich was the talk of the Hotel Martinez when she posed for PEOPLE on the steps of the luxury hotel's spiral staircase. Built in 1929, the Martinez is one of the palatial hotels lining the Croisette, the famous waterfront promenade in Cannes.

The actress, 36, was at the film festival last week as an ambassador for L'Oréal and to attend the gala benefit for the AIDS research charity amFAR. So what does one pack to come to the world's most glamorous film festival? "The highest heels, no trainers, the crazy dresses," said Jovovich. "If you can go to the supermarket, it shouldn't be here." [SOURCE]
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Model and actress Milla Jovovich was recently announced as the new face of Avon's fragrance, City Rush for Her. And, a month after tantalising glimpses of the supermodel filming the campaign in New York were released, the final campaign photo has been unveiled. Milla, who stars in the campaign with male model Carlos Casia Grande, was photographed frolicking in the streets of Manhattan as she shot the pictures.

Avon say the model and actress 'epitomises the strong, stylish woman that is synonymous with City Rush, while the model said she was 'excited' to join the Avon family. I am so excited to be working with Avon as the face of their new fragrance,' the Resident Evil actress said.

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05.16.12 - More music news from @MillaJovovich:
  • The countdown is on! Thrilled 2 be part of the amazing @lifeball in Vienna representing @amfAR to raise $ for people living with HIV & AIDS.
  • WOW! we might actually be able to get my new single "electric sky" that we'll b debuting at the #LIFEBALL onto iTunes by the 19th of May!
  • it's all happened so incredibly fast,but i'm so proud 2 play my 1st new song live to help raise funds n awareness 4 AIDS research!
  • @FreddiieFonck i'm shooting a vid directed by my boy @simoncahn that i'm trying to get out by july for this song!
  • @NatyTrickyAngel no, don't have a name for it yet... still putting the tracks together in sum comprehensive manner 2 get my brain around it!

Madame Figaro (France) July 2012: Milla as Marilyn Monroe (photographs by Ellen von Unwerth) [article]:


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