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Interesting Prime Time Russia news report from the Vykrutasy Moscow press conference from last weekend, where Milla Jovovich apparently “shared her plans to star in another Russian comedy where she would play the bodyguard of a young tycoon.”

The report also confirms that there will indeed be English subtitles on the Vykrutasy DVD, and also translates the title of the film as “Lucky Trouble”. The film is currently in theaters in at least Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Ukraine.

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02.12.11 - Milla will be in Moscow on Monday for the premiere of Vykrutasy (Russian release: February 17). From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):
  • WUZ UP TWEEPLE!! I had an unbelievable vacation n now I'm running 2 the airport 2 fly 2 moscow! From 80 deg. In LA 2 -20 over there! Lol!
  • I'm goin 2 moscow 4 the premiere of my new film (in russian!) "vikrutasi"! I'll b in moscow 4 2 days n then fly back home.

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Check out this second theatrical trailer for Leo Gabriadze’s upcoming Russian-language romcom Vykrutasy (Выкрутасы), starring Milla Jovovich, Ivan Urgant and Konstantin Khabenskiy. Big thanks to Galina for the find!

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Just a couple of project tidbits via Milla Jovovich’s verified Twitter account @MillaJovovich. First off, Milla will be heading to Moscow, Russia on February 14 for the premiere of her Russian-language debut Vykrutasy (Выкрутасы). The film will be out in Russian theaters Feb 17.

"yes, I’ll be in Moscow on the 14th of February for the Premier. I’m really excited, this is my first Russian speaking role. (Jan 20)"

Milla was also briefly in New York City recently, shooting an ad campaign for the Korean label Metrocity:

"Working in NY today. Just had a few minutes 2 read many messages. Wish I had time 2 answer each & everyone of u. Thank u 4 all the love! (Jan 19)

some of you asked what I was doing in NY? I was shooting spring summer campaign for Metrocity from Korea. do I have any Korean followers? (Jan 20)"

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Some bad (and rather strange) news via Vasilij today. To begin with just the bad news, it looks like the Russian theatrical release of Vykrutasy (Выкрутасы) has been posponed from November 2010 to February 17 2011 — a little Googling will show you the new date is all over the Russian media. Why the film has been postponed hasn’t been specified, but this obviously means there won’t be a November premiere event in Moscow for Milla to attend, either. Can I just say… damn!

In somewhat stranger news, it appears the new trailer for the film we posted on the site yesterday has been banned from being shown in Russian theaters. Apparently, the Cyrillic first letters of the surnames of stars Konstantin Khabenskiy (Константин Хабенский), Ivan Urgant (Иван Ургант) and Milla Jovovich (Милы Йовович) form a word in Russian that in English translates to “penis”, and because this has been made a point of in the trailer, it has consequently been forbidden from theatrical display. Fans fluent in Russian can learn the whole story from this MTV Russia news report:

So, not a great day for Vykrutasy, then. Many thanks to Vasilij for passing on the news to us!

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Check out this new trailer, with tons of delicious new Milla Jovovich footage, for Levan “Leo” Gabriadze’s upcoming Russian-language romcom, Vykrutasy (Выкрутасы). Even if you don’t understand the language I have to say it’s pretty funny. Big thanks to Sugar Mouse @ for yet another significant find!

Vykrutasy is currently slated for a November 2010 theatrical release in Russia. Ivan Urgant and Konstantin Khabenskiy co-star, with Milla’s mother Galina reportedly making a cameo appearance. Milla also tweeted about a month ago via her verified Twitter account @MillaJovovich that she’s scheduled to attend the film’s premiere event in Moscow in November:

I’ll b going back 2 moscow in nov. 4 the premiere of “vikrutasi”! (Aug 2)

Vykrutasy‘s Russian-language official site can be found at


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