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Sony have released two brand new television spots for the fifth film in the popular Resident Evil movie franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution. Featuring new footage, check it out!

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Ultimate-RE got to preview the Retribution soundtrack and received permission to release one track to the public. See below to check out "Corridor."

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[personal profile] weber_dubois22 now has the Resident Evil: Retribution soundtrack (being done once again by TomandAndy) listed for release on September 11th.

Pre-ordering is open.

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08.13.11 - From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich): i wanted to show you the end title track to "3 musketeers" by "take that"! enjoy!

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Milan Records has just sent us the jacket of the HD soundtrack "Resident Evil Afterlife Digital Deluxe Edition" that contains the song expected "Rooftop" with 4 remixes: 2 of "Tokyo" and 2 "Axeman". It will be released December 14 in the U.S. and usually in January in France. [SOURCE]

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Jonny Greenwood’s musical contribution to There Will Be Blood was unconscionably snubbed for an Academy Award in 2008. And while it looks like he won’t be eligible this year either, we will still have a chance to hear some of his and Thom Yorke’s film scoring ideas. According to a recent interview with Edward Norton in Variety, Yorke and Greenwood contributed music to John O’Brien’s film score to the upcoming movie Stone.

“I’m friends with the guys in Radiohead,” said Norton, “and Jonny Greenwood met me in London a while back when John (Curran, the director) and I were developing the script.

“So given the spiritual ties in this film, I started talking to him about this idea: ‘What would you use to record this divine-like tuning sound?’ And he and Thom (Yorke) had been playing a lot of weird ambient stuff at the time and so, amazingly, they just unloaded tons and tons of files to us of these sound experiments that they had been doing. We just listened to them in awe until John (Curran) eventually got John O’Brien to come in and see what he could make of it.”

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1. Tokyo
2. Umbrella
3. Damage
4. Cutting
5. Twins
6. Exit
7. Far
8. Flying
9. Memory
10. Los Angeles
11. Binoculars
12. Prison
13. Discovery
14. Hatchet
15. AxeMan
16. Arcadia
17. Up
18. Party
19. Promise


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