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Twohy's convoluted, at-times infuriating thriller ekes by as a guilty pleasure...
Reviewed by Kenneth Brown, December 18, 2009

Having built up a fair tolerance to overwrought thrillers and contrived plot twists over the years, I know I shouldn't have enjoyed A Perfect Getaway as much as I did. I know better. Writer/director David Twohy's sun-slathered whodunit isn't even a film, it's a single plot twist stretched across ninety-seven minutes of celluloid. It doesn't have characters, it has agents of manipulation and deception. It doesn't have a story, it has a series of clues delivered in rapidfire succession. It isn't engrossing, it merely piques curiosity.

It isn't lovingly shot, it's brashly cobbled together. And the inevitable scene that reveals Twohy's carefully guarded secrets? No thirty-second montage here. We're force-fed a sprawling, eight-minute remapping of the entire tale. Sounds awful, right? Even writing about the film's lesser qualities is making me second guess my own taste. But, for reasons impossible to convey, A Perfect Getaway managed to lure me in, entertain the dense action-junkie I have locked away in my brain and, at the very least, keep me guessing.

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Source: Universal Home Entertainment October 28, 2009 


Relive that crazy ending and watch Milla Jovovich get tweaked again in Universal Home Entertainment's DVD and Blu-Ray release of David Twohy's The Perfect Getaway. Uni is prepping a December 29 debut for the thriller which will arrive in a theatrical cut and an unrated director's cut which will run 10 minutes longer. No special features have been announced yet.

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The gorgeous Hollywood actress and model is live in the studio to chat about her new film Perfect Gateway

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Something old, something new. Something borrowed ... something gory? The new few weeks are looking particularly busy for that luscious mannequin-turned-knuckle-cracking-actress Milla Jovovich. After deciding to get married a few weeks back, her cups certainly runneth over.

First, she has to finish doing press for her new movie, A Perfect Getaway. Then, she has her wedding (small, cozy, probably at her house). Following that, as she puts it herself, "I'm off to Toronto to kick some zombie butt." She is, as she told The Guardian in the U.K. the other day, "a little overwhelmed."

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Source:Edward Douglas
August 6, 2009

We clearly saved the best for last with ShockTillYouDrop's interviews for David Twohy's A Perfect Getaway, since actress Milla Jovovich is certainly a fan favorite of genre lovers from her memorable appearances in Luc Besson's The Fifth Element, Ultraviolet and of course, the "Resident Evil" trilogy, which she'll be returning to next month.

Her role in A Perfect Getaway is slightly more subdued, as she plays Cydney, the new wife of a screenwriter played by Steve Zahn, the two of them on their honeymoon in Hawaii where they meet a couple of survivalists, played by Timothy Olyphant and Kielle Sanchez, who may or may not be responsible for a series of brutal murders they hear about on the news.

On the day of our interview, the lovely Ms. Jovovich was wearing such a ridiculously short dress—it barely went down past her hips--that it was hard to concentrate on asking our questions as she inadvertently (?) flashed us the entire time… but we did our best! This is a difficult movie to talk about because of all the twists and turns and things you want people to find out about only as they watch the movie.

Milla Jovovich: Well, it's definitely a character-based thriller and it's very old school in the sense of a real whodunit, because the characters have so many different dimensions to them that takes a turn in the end.

Shock: Did someone send you the script and you got interested in it? And did you have a choice of character you could play before you chose Cydney?

Jovovich: The director David Twohy contacted my agent and was interested in me in the role of Cydney. When I read the script, I think apart from the fact that it's a thriller, what really actually made me interested was because I get to play a nice, normal girl for most of the film which I don't normally get a chance to do very often. I was very attracted to that because I felt like--okay, it takes it's own turn at the end--but for most of the movie I get to just be myself or just not completely myself, but at the same time I get to show more of my nice, normal parts in this movie.

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Ever since Bruce Willis discovered he should be pushing up daisies at the end of The Sixth Sense, it's as if every Hollywood thriller is required to have some cockamamie twist. More often than not, this last-act revelation is so contrived that it undermines everything that's preceded it, causing the movie to collapse into an unsightly heap.

That A Perfect Getaway comes with a surprise twist is itself no surprise – it's even part of the hey-let's-give-the-ending-away marketing campaign. What is surprising about this effective little thriller is how cleverly writer-director David Twohy toys with the conventions of the genre as they exist today.

And whereas so many movies stop dead in their tracks upon the arrival of that twist, A Perfect Getaway actually picks up momentum. As the writer and/or director of such cult faves as Warlock, The Arrival and Pitch Black, Twohy already has a reputation for making movies that are more engaging than their lowly trappings would suggest. (Alas, he couldn't save Waterworld with a rewrite, but he's a screenwriter, not a miracle worker.) Here, he gets great mileage out of an unpromising premise about honeymooners whose Hawaiian holiday turns deadly.

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Killers are on the loose in Hawaii, and the 'Resident Evil' veteran is game for the hunt for humans instead of the undead.
By Michael Ordoña
August 6, 2009

The grass is always greener, especially when not tainted by the blood of zombies. Whereas most actresses in Hollywood would probably give their eyeteeth, or someone else's, to have an action franchise, Milla Jovovich suffers her share of combat fatigue. She's sincerely delighted with -- and dedicated to -- the undead-stomping "Resident Evil" series (she's suiting up for No. 4, "Afterlife," soon), but as she puts it, "It's nice to be able to play parts where I don't have to do a lot of running and chasing and killing."

Jovovich plays a "nice, normal girl" in the twisting thriller "A Perfect Getaway," co-starring Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant and Kiele Sanchez -- sort of. "For all intents and purposes, it's as normal and nice as I'm going to get right now," she says, allowing that the role did call for "a great girlfight."

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