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Check out the newly updated official site for John Curran’s Stone at The site, which previously only featured the trailer and synopsis, has finally been updated with proper content, including video clips, photos and cast info (though none of it is actually anything we haven’t already seen and posted here). Stone, starring Milla Jovovich opposite Edward Norton and Robert De Niro, is out in select U.S. theaters next Friday, October 8.

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You may know her from Resident Evil, and you will see her in the upcoming Stone opposite Robert De Niro, but since the late '80s she's done everything from modeling to singing. Herein, a tribute to one of the great almost-important actresses of our time.

You know her from: The Fifth Element, Resident Evil, the occasional artfully nude photo you will find when you Google her now.

She will become forever cemented in your consciousness because of: Stone (out October 8).

Edward Norton and Robert De Niro may be Stone's stars, but Jovovich is its spirit. As Lucetta, a kindergarten teacher who will do anything to help her arsonist husband (Norton) get parole, Jovovich is a mix of vulnerability and ruthlessness: She talks just as sweetly while pushing a kid on a swing as she does while pushing her hand down a parole officer's (De Niro) pants. She exemplifies the duality of every character in the film, but where others suppress their sinister side, whether out of fear, remorse, or desperation, Jovovich embraces hers. She controls it. Relishes it. And makes it feel volatile and undeniably real. And because of this performance, for the first time, basically out of nowhere, she seems like the kind of actress who could win an Oscar. Maybe not for this role, but someday. [source]

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( / 09.03.10 - From Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • Ok, so this KILLS me! 1 of the tv shows in tokyo had me make wax tempura 4 the show! Lol! So cute! They r wacky ppl!
  • Here's the wax tempura pic! Lol!
  • Ok, WTF am I doing?! Lololol! This KILLS me!! How cute r the japanese?!
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Check out this teaser trailer for the upcoming Russian-language romcom Vykrutasy from the film’s official site at The teaser is (obviously) in Russian and features mostly stars Konstantin Khabenskiy and Ivan Urgant in their respective roles, however Milla Jovovich does make a brief appearance as Nadya at the very end. A couple of screen caps of her glimpses in the trailer have been uploaded to our gallery.

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if anyone is intrested, i made a ton of screen caps of "The Fifth Element" digitally remastered BluRay version. cap res is 1280x528.

here's some samples:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

557 caps total are in this cut :D
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i found a good site for screen caps of milla. so i thought i'd share :)
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These were stolen from her website.
just random stuff, that make me happy :3

proof that milla is perfect! -nodds-

Ever feel like your trapped in a little glass bubble, in your underwear.... and everybodies watching?
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she has such a fantastic smile/laugh.

also, don't forget that our Miss Milla has a birthday coming up soon. the 17th. <3

edit;;i've never seen these pictures before:
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anyone know where i can find any of Milla's movies?? like You Stupid Man?

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