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As one of today’s most active tweeters, Milla Jovovich recently reached the 100,000 follower milestone on Twitter. Congrats, Milla! In celebration of this, Milla invited all her fans worldwide to a 24h Twitterbration as well as called out for donations in honor of the event to the following important charities:

Battered Mothers Resource Fund:

Battered Mothers Resource Fund, Inc. (BMRF) was established as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in 2004. The mission of BMRF is to improve the lives of mothers and their children impacted by domestic violence through referrals, support and linkage to community resources.

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Congrats to Milla Jovovich.
Her rep tells me the model-actress-designer, 31, and "her fiancé, director-producer Paul Anderson, 42, are expecting their first child this fall."

This will be the first child for Jovovich and Anderson. They reportedly began dating in 2002, when Anderson directed the Ukranian-born Jovovich in the movie Resident Evil. (He also wrote, and she starred in, the other two Resident Evil flicks—the third installment comes out this fall.) They reportedly were engaged in March 2003.

Jovovich was married to her Fifth Element director, Luc Besson, for two years, until they divorced in 1999.

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