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With her new movie "Resident Evil: Retribution" set to hit theaters on September 14th, Milla Jovovich pitched in on promotions by covering the October 2012 issue of Flare magazine.

The 36-year-old Ukrainian born beauty sizzled in a Calvin Klein Collection dress, Fallon earrings, a CBD bangle and a Baccarat ring for the Max Abadian shot front page while dishing about everything from bullies and acting to her mother, husband and daughter.

Highlights from Miss Jovovich's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Flare!

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Marella ads from Liz and video from

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FANGORIA #316 doesn’t hit the shelves or arrive in your mailbox till next month, but we’ve got the first peek at the cover and the full contents to share with you now! And this front page has an extra dimension, as does a lot of the content within.

This issue will be partially presented in FangoVision 3D, complete with red/blue anaglyphic glasses included with every copy! Our main feature is an in-depth interview with cover girl Milla Jovovich on RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION, along with pieces on the past RESIDENT films and the new game. We’ve also got 3D stories on the stop-motion zombie movie PARANORMAN, Richard Brooker recalling his Jason days on FRIDAY THE 13TH PART III, Debbie Rochon on her new 3D alien short and more! Plus chats with the directors of the supernatural thrillers THE APPARITION and THE POSSESSION, the infectious sequel [REC] 3 and the controversial psychodrama COMPLIANCE; Alex Winter on the making of FREAKED; part two of our JAWS/Carl Gottlieb, Crispin Glover and MARS ATTACKS articles; Ellen Greene recalling LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, etc. Head down past the cover for the full details!

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A clearer scan of the previous posted image of Alice vs. Japanese Zombie and a new promotional image from Entertainment Weekly

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