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Rest in peace Version VI.2 and welcome to Version VII (7) of [ profile] adore_milla featuring the latest layout from [ profile] ribbonized and a header by yours truly. Apologies about the tardiness of the updates (RL hath commeth again).
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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Welcome to Version VI (6) of [ profile] adore_milla featuring a very popular layout from [ profile] milou_veronica and a header by yours truly.
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While the week is far from over (and I pretty much don't have a 'close' option on the poll), there is still plenty of time to vote for future header styles with the chosen selection of Milla's Photoshoots (or others, as there is that option). I've made four headers from each photoshoot that was voted for, and this was one was most likely choice because of the plus one vote it got.

With that said, wecome to VERSION 5 of [ profile] adore_milla, featuring the latest layout from [ profile] ghost_factory (via their new community [ profile] dustycheeks ). What do you think of it?

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Since mid or late 2009 (last year), adore_milla has sported it's fourth version of it's carnation since gaining new moderators (the first and second being from [ profile] endorsedlayouts (now closed to my dismay), the third being from [ profile] minty_peach, modified slightly by myself and the fourth being from [ profile] ghost_factory which has served admirably for the longest time).

I honestly have not been tempted to change it, but with the recent incursion of Milla's latest Photoshoots, I find myself wanting to change the look from what is now (happy and blue) more and more. I think I know what I want to use, but what Photoshoot would you like to see used in the new layout? Or would your rather it stays as it is?

[Poll #1615355]
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To ring in the new year, I decided [ profile] adore_milla needed a facelift, so I made the Header you see above and used another layout from [ profile] minty_peach with a slight alteration in the background. Hope you guys like it!
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Alright, as of late I'm pretty sure anyone with a Photobucket[.com] account as noted that the webmasters have enabled a system in which if your Account has not been active in the last 90 Days the links you've thumbnailed to show off your artwork or graphics in a layout, will become disabled with their latest "Image Not Available" Photobucket Thumbnail Notice.

With that said, due to [ profile] minty_peach's seemingly permanent hiatus from LiveJournal due to his or her personal life, the visual links they created for their Stylesheets, uploaded via Photobucket, are going dead with the "Account has not been active for 90 Days" notice. It happened with [ profile] adore_milla, so I had to upload all the dead links to I doubt anyone noticed, but I thought I'd let you know on the slim chance that you did. Hopefully PB doesn't decide to implicate the same kind of system with TinyPic.
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For all my fellow milla worshippers, I just want to shamelessly plug my multiply layout inspired by Million Dollar Hotel. Ain't she pretty? )
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i just made a new milla layout for my journal that i'm pretty excited about. check it out!
(she's in my userinfo too)

also, does anyone else have milla pictures saved into a folder? i hope i'm not the only obsessed one who does this because i will feel so creepy.

91 lovely pictures of miss milla.
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Made a background. Been taking more art classes and all the creativity just flows from my head. Enjoy!


It's Milla Time! )

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I don't know if this is advertising or not, but I made a new webpage layout featuring Milla so you can all take a look if you want and tell me what you think n__n She is so gorgeous <3

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