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...And remember that goofy comic strip affair Bloody Mallory from 2002? Well, French director Julien Magnat is back with the giallo-style thriller Faces in the Crowd starring Milla Jovovich. The set-up is an irresistible and inventive one.

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Check out this small preview of Julien Magnat’s Faces in the Crowd featured in the February 2011 issue (i.e. issue 317) of the French-language movie magazine, L’Ecran Fantastique. The magazine contains several new pictures of Milla Jovovich as Anna Marchant in the film.

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01.11.11 - Updates from Milla via Twitter (@MillaJovovich):

  • Hey every1! Long time no tweet! I hope u all had a rockin new year! It was amazing seeing so many family members come and njoy xmas w us!
  • Now I've been looking 4 schools 4 my little girl, doing interviews, trying 2 find the perfect fit 4 her. The whole process is so crazy!
  • I also recorded an amazing song 4 my new film "bringing up bobby", its a ukrainian version of "proud mary" if u can blieve that! Lol!
  • Too funny, like an eastern european tina turner! Lol! I'll post it when evr they give me the ok! I lost my voice 4 2 days afterwards!
  • Now I'm doing ADR for my film "faces in the crowd". Its pretty boring doing voice over stuff, so I've been stuck in a dark room 4 2days
  • but now the year has begun and I have 2 get back 2 work, no matter how fun it is 2 do art projects and watch "dora" over and over w my girl!
  • Oh and BTW, I saw a rough cut of "3 musketeers" and its SIIIIIICK!!!! No cgi, no effects, temp score, but the movie looks INCREDIBLE!!!
  • Sorry guys, gotta go back in my dark room and finish the voicing 4 the film! Hope u're all having a grt year so far!!!
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Just a quick heads-up that we’ve updated the gallery with two more pics of Milla Jovovich on the Canadian set of Julien Magnat’s Faces in the Crowd thriller, the last day of shooting. Milla bid farewell to Winnipeg on Twitter yesterday, and will soon be heading to Moscow, Russia for her next film with Ivan Urgant, Kolotilov.

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In Faces in the Crowd news, filming for the Julien Magnat directed thriller, in which Milla portrays the face-blind Anna Marchant, has now wrapped in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A couple of pictures from the private wrap party as well as another new behind-the-scenes pic are behind the cut.

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Winnipeg-shot film puts kick-ass action star Milla Jovovich in a more vulnerable position than usual.

ON midnight Thursday, the elegant contemporary interiors of the new Chop restaurant on the corner of Sargent Avenue and Century Street underwent a transformation into something at once more exotic and sinister. It became the Black Nar cissus Restaurant.

Well after the witching hour, when most restaurants are dark and deserted, this place is bustling with prosperous-looking, ele gantly attired diners ... all apparently unaware that a murder is being committed in the men's washroom by a serial killer out to eliminate the only living witness to his crimes. The movie is Faces in the Crowd. The diners are mostly local extras and the witness, a kin dergarten teacher named Anna, is being played by Milla Jovovich, the 34-year-old Ukraine-born actress-model-designer-singer.

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Even more new photos from the set of Faces in the Crowd! The gallery has been updated with another six medium-res production stills of Milla Jovovich as Anna Marchant on the Winnipeg set of the thriller, courtesy of writer-director Julien Magnat’s Facebook-page. Sarah Wayne Callies and Julian McMahon also star. Stunning, no?

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Filming continues on the Winnipeg set of Julien Magnat’s Faces in the Crowd. Following her brief appearance at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France, and a day of shooting for L’Oréal in Paris, Milla Jovovich flew quickly back to Canada and has continued tweeting excitedly from the set of the upcoming thriller:

Well, finally on my last fligt back to work in Winnipeg. Thanks 4 all the sweet messages while i had my 5 hr. Lay over! U guys rock!

we’ll b shooting nights all week and there will b a rain machine which sucks. every1 is going to b freezing their butts off tonight! lol!

we’re shooting part of the day in a playground, so Ever is w me and we’ve been playing in between shots!I am SO blessed 2 hve this job!

Hey all u Winnipegians! We r shooting on your beautiful bridge 4 the next few nights! I love this town! Its been gr8 4 my baby, there’s so much fun stuff 2 do 4 kids!

Woah! Sorry “peggers”! Lol! My bad! And its the gorgeous white bridge close 2 the forks!

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The upcoming thriller Faces in the Crowd starring Milla Jovovich has started filming this week. The film is directed by Oscar nominated Julien Magnat. Sounds like it's going to be pretty cool. It has a talented director on board and a very strong cast, I guess we'll see, more to come soon!

From the Press Release:

Oscar-nominated writer/director Julien Magnat’s feature length debut FACES IN THE CROWD began principal photography in and around Winnipeg, Canada on Saturday, May 8th.

Milla Jovovich (THE FOURTH KIND, RESIDENT EVIL) stars alongside Julian McMahon (NIP/TUCK, FANTASTIC FOUR) in the psychological thriller being produced for Minds Eye Entertainment, Forecast Pictures, Radar Films, and Frantic Films – the Canada/France team of Kevin DeWalt (Saskatchewan), Jean-Charles Lévy (France), Clément Miserez (France), and Jamie Brown (Manitoba) will produce alongside Hollywood veterans Scott Mednick and Sylvain White. Executive producers are Christopher Petzel and Milla Jovovich.

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05.10.10 - From the Faces in the Crowd set (from Milla's Twitter (@MillaJovovich)):

  • Everyday the same characters r played by different actors! I hve like 12 ppl playing my boyfriend's part! Its really disconcerting at best!
  • Started shooting "faces in the crowd" yesterday and man! This film is gonna b a trip 2 watch and really creepy!
  • Hey! On set of my new film "faces in the crowd" w the beautiful and hilarious Sarah Wayne Callies of "prisonbreak"!


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