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Milla Jovovich is celebrating her one millionth follower by treating one lucky fan and their friends to an exclusive screening of the new Resident Evil movie. The actress was nearing the milestone figure as she announced the contest on Thursday, and Jovovich is only too happy to offer up the special Resident Evil: Retribution showing as the top prize.

In a series of posts on her page, she writes:

"Sony pictures has been kind enuf (enough) 2 (to) help me w (with) a prize 4 (for) my millionth follower! It's a screening of RE5 in your hometown 4 u (you) and your friends!

"There will also b (be) 2nd n 3rd prizes! A Campari calendar and some RE5 goodies! Thanks so much every1 (everyone)! I'll tweet you later! We will pick at random for the winner 2 celebrate my millionth follower!"

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07.07.12 - From @MillaJovovich:
  • Thanks @chrissbrenner 4 this classic shot of peter Lindbergh n I at the Italian vogue shoot! N thanks 2 @chanel 4 the gorgeous gown!!
  • Hey guys! Thanks 4 all your sweet tweets! Sorry I haven't had a chance 2 answer so much recently! I will definitely put sum time aside n let u all know when I'm around n have time 2 answer! But u are all so wonderful n I thank you 4 your replies n follows! Xo m
  • Thanks 2 my gay husband! RT @chrissbrenner: @MillaJovovich boarding a speed boat on the docks of the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel Project in Bodrum Turkey
  • Go baby!!RT @chrissbrenner: @MillaJovovich during press in Bodrum Turkey and rocking @LorealParisUSA Telescopic Mascara with Infallible eye shadow
  • My girl @barrefaeli n I chillin! She's good ppl!
  • We'll battle over who's mire jealous! Lol! U rock girl!RT @BarRefaeli: I'm jealous of myself in this pic! @ValeMicchetti: Girls's girl @BarRefaeli @millajovovich @ Mandarin Oriental

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From @MillaJovovich:
  • Cute pic of @jessicaalba n I at the Versace party! (July 3)
  • Stuck in traffic, but it's Paris so who cares! Lol! Going to the Chanel show this morning! I'll tweet some pics!
  • @chrissbrenner in his usual pose! Lol!
  • @velvetinsider (Stephane) n I at the Chanel show!
  • My seat at the Chanel show!
  • @daloulou (Lou Doillon) at the Chanel show!
  • So here's an exclusive 1st look at the Chanel couture show! Njoy! Xo m Video
  • Here's the ultimate look of the show! SIIIICK! Video
  • Here is karl! Notice Lou's reaction when he waves at her is classic! Video
  • So here is the grand finale n I'm gonna show u my fave pieces from the show! Video
  • @daloulou at the Chanel luncheon looking gorgeous!
  • Jamie Bochert n her man Michael Pitt at the Chanel luncheon!
  • @chrissbrenner n I at the Chanel luncheon!
  • Back at the carnival!
  • Paris in the summer
  • Paris in the summer 2
  • Thanks 2 my boy @michaelangelx 4 these pics of Maya @MIAuniverse n I at the Versace party!
  • Designer @michaelangelx @MIAuniverse n I getting all kinds of crazy at the Versace party! WOOT!
  • rockin some Versace, Wuz up?
  • And the top half.

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07.02.12 - From @MillaJovovich:

  • Flowers from Karl! Booyah! (July 2)
  • My girl @elizabethbanks n I hving a good ol time at the Versace dinner!
  • 2 stunning ladies, Fan Bing Bing n Emmanuelle Alt at the Versace dinner!
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From @MillaJovovich:
  • Who da man?! Now that's an awesome invite! That's a keeper! Lol! Thanks Donatella! (July 1)
  • So the spectacular @elizabethbanks n I r sitting together at the Versace dinner! U can tell, cause we jst took the same pic! Lol!
  • Maya aka M.I.A n Donatella at the Versace dinner!
  • Catherine Baba n me at the Versace party!

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06.18.12 - From @MillaJovovich:
  • hey ladies n gents! Here's the trailer from my project with @ZegnaHQ for their InStore App
  • a portion of all sales done at the online store will go to, @PattyArquette's org 4 helping the relief effort in haiti!
  • and i'll be your tour guide for your @zegnahq online shopping experience! check it out!

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official website
Official Twitter (Sony pictures Twitter)
Sony Pictures YouTube Page
Official Facebook
Market Watch Streaming Videos


Seen the new Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) trailer/footage? Go nuts here.
I'll try to get the video/trailer up later when they make it available.
If the MarketWatch Link isn't proving the stream let me know
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From @MillaJovovich: news update just came in on the new RE:Retribution trailer! it should be out in abt a month before "that's my boy" (june 15)! will keep you updated!

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05.20.12 - From @MillaJovovich:
  • hey! here's a link 2 @chrissbrenner, @stuartzender and i playing our new single "electric sky" at the #LIFEBALL!
  • @_MyNameIsAdam_ i didn't lip-sync blood! i was singing live to track!

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