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Since mid or late 2009 (last year), adore_milla has sported it's fourth version of it's carnation since gaining new moderators (the first and second being from [ profile] endorsedlayouts (now closed to my dismay), the third being from [ profile] minty_peach, modified slightly by myself and the fourth being from [ profile] ghost_factory which has served admirably for the longest time).

I honestly have not been tempted to change it, but with the recent incursion of Milla's latest Photoshoots, I find myself wanting to change the look from what is now (happy and blue) more and more. I think I know what I want to use, but what Photoshoot would you like to see used in the new layout? Or would your rather it stays as it is?

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Who is the photographer for the pictures in this community's userinfo and where can I find larger versions?
Thanks xoxo
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so what's milla been up to?
i may be late, but i saw the loreal make-up commercial on tv today..
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What's you favorite picture of Milla?

Mine would have to be this one
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I was wondering in the movie Dazed and Confused what song was she singing? 

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I feel so dumb asking this, but..

I remember seeing a L'Oreal commercial a few weeks ago with Milla dictating it, it was for some lipstick stuff. I don't recall the name of the product nor what channel I saw it on. All I know is I heard & saw Milla and I died. Tehe, any of you seen this commercial? I'm not sure how old it is...I guess that's why I feel stupid.
Well, ciao <3

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I can't wait for UltraViolet. Has there been any info on Resident Evil: Afterlife?


May. 27th, 2005 04:35 pm
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does anyone have an mp3 of this song that she did for Dummy, and could you send it to me??
i know you can listen to it at and i COULD buy the soundtrack but i just want an mp3 of it for my mp3 player. big nerd.
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So what is the deal with the Milla-list?
Why did it shut down?
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Everybody should post with their answers to the following questions...

Favourite picture:

Favourite outfit:

Favourite pic of Milla with her dog:

Favourite film:

Favourite song:

My Answers )

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