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Los Angeles: What is the most attractive thing about a horror film? Music and off-course ghosts? Sure enough! Sony Pictures upcoming release Resident Evil: Retribution once again brings the terrifying music and the blood drained undeads.

The previous films in the franchise too gained popularity for its music as much as its storyline and action. The music of the film, action and its special effect together are the flavor retainers of the Resident Evil films.

Jeremy Bolt, one of the producers of the film said, "They are the glue that brings everything together. They are the essence of the film, taking us into the Umbrella Corporation world in a way that otherwise would be impossible." The team of Resident Evil has worked immensely on these elements to have literally raised the bar.

The music in the film is given by Tomandandy, a creative lab which masters as a music production company since 1980s. While the credit for the visual effects goes to the film's Special effects supervisor Dennis Berardi.

With the creatures the size of dinosaurs, a car chase with a Rolls Royce and tidal waves running through Red square and taking out New York, the film is packed with special effects. "Every scene, every sequence we made, we were looking for opportunities to take it to the next level its epic stuff," said Berardi.

The music and action of Resident Evil franchise has made it synonymous with high-octane action from beginning to end, and Resident Evil: Retribution is packed with more such heart-pounding, adrenaline-charged sequences. The experience of the movie buffs doubles with film's release in 3D.

The film releases in India on 28th September in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

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